Let us pamper your horse to help them reach their full potential!

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Assessment Massage


1.5 hour appointment

Visual & physical assessment

Full massage

Stretching program created

Written reports provided

Maintenance Massage


– $80

1 hour appointment

Re-assessment as needed

Full massage

Stretching program updated as needed

Written reports provided

Special Pricing

Special pricing is available for:

*Pre-paid massage packages

*Multiple horses at a location

*Registered equine non-profits

*Special event/ holiday discounts

SMART Stretches Program

$15 online/ $50 hard copy

This program features 18 SMART Stretches that are typically
targeted & assigned by SMARTcert Canada Practitioners

SMARTcert Multidiscipline Reconditioning Program

$15 online/ $50 hard copy

This program features 10 exercises, a 16-week program, to
improve a horse’s POWER, STRENGTH, and STAMINA

Muscle Anatomy and Myology Study Cards

$10 online/ $20 hard copy

25 Coloured Cards isolating muscles that are commonly affected by work & exercise
Each card isolates one muscles and includes indications of issues that a horse may show
Ideal for bodyworkers, beginners, coaches, students, trainers, – ANYONE & EVERYONE

Help your horse feel like gold